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In 2 Timothy 2:15, the Bible tells us “study to shew thyself approved.” At Berean, we believe that studying the Word of God is critically important to today’s Christian. So come out and visit any one of our Teaching Ministries listed below and learn about God with us!

Sunday School

Learning and applying God’s word is the key to developing a personal relationship with Christ. That is why at Berean Sunday School plays a vital role in spiritual growth and development of our members. Sunday morning Bible study groups provide time together with other believers where questions can be asked, discussion can occur and fellowship can take place. There is a class for everyone. Classes start each Sunday morning at 9:15 am. Come grow in God’s Word!

Women’s Ministry

Berean’s Women’s Ministries provides opportunities for Christ-centered spiritual growth and encouragement, as we walk a shared journey of faith in every season in our lives.

Men’s Ministry

The objective of Men’s Ministries is to disciple and equip the men of Berean in their roles as men of God, whether married, single, older, younger. We seek to provide a venue for modeling the life of Christ to men. We seek to do this through teaching, fellowship, and service; providing opportunity for fostering spiritual friendships and developing discipling relationships, so that men can grow in conformity to Christ, specifically in their roles as men.

The rationale for this is simple. Men have been given the key role in the Body of Christ. All believing men of the church, have the responsibility to walk with Christ in obedience and grow in conformity to his image. Men, married or single, often live isolated from the active fellowship of other Christian men. Proverbs 27.17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The principle given here is that men need the encouragement, teaching, fellowship, and modeling of the Christian life from other men.

Children’s Ministry

Our children’s department is about working together to lay down a Christ-centered foundation for the formation of a Christ-centered identity in our children. Our vision is to raise children following the guidelines of the ABC’s: the Attitude, Behavior and Character of Christ.

Music Ministry

Voices of Berean (Adult Choir) – provides the primary music leadership for our worship services. The Worship Choir consists of adults who love the Lord and are called to lead God’s people at Berean in worship! Choir membership is a sizeable commitment of time and energy, but one that is unsurpassed in blessings! Who is able to join the Worship Choir? We encourage anyone whom the Lord has prompted to lead in worship to visit a rehearsal to confirm that calling. Then, we encourage choir visitors to return for several rehearsals after that confirmation to be musically prepared to lead. There are no auditions. However, we are happy to assist anyone in determining the best voice part to sing. For more information, please contact the choir director.


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