We envision a church family that communicates, in a variety of ways, the message of the Bible and its relevance to the beliefs, values and choices of daily life. We see a church family that receives the Word of God with great eagerness, examining the teaching for Biblical accuracy and applying it diligently to our daily lives (Acts 17:11). We see the members of our church family “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (II Timothy 3:16-17), “filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18) and demonstrating the “fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23). We envision a church family filled with “doers of the Word” and not merely hearers (James 1:22-23).

We envision a church family that looks forward with enthusiasm and joy to coming together to worship the Lord. We see believers being challenged to deepen their walk with the Lord. We see seekers being challenged to enter into a living encounter with Jesus Christ.

We envision a church that comes together to worship in a variety of ways. We see our worship services being innovative and sensitive, reverent and relaxed, joyful and prayerful, intentional and authentic, expressive and nurturing. We see a celebration of God’s character and works in spirit and truth (John 4:24).

Growing in Christ: We envision a church that develops people–new believers as well as more mature followers– into individuals who are becoming more and more like Jesus in their character, their attitudes, and their behavior. We see our members growing in Christ through godly habits developed individually, in small and mid-size groups, and in worship services. As a result we see a church family that loves, encourages, and fellowships with one another.

Serving Christ: We envision a church where “every member is a minister” where people are serving the Lord faithfully, having discovered how they are uniquely shaped by God for ministry. We see our people aware of their God-given spiritual gifts, equipped to serve Christ effectively and integrated into a ministry, within or outside our church that matches who they are. We also see existing ministries thriving and new ministries starting up because of the uniquely shaped individuals God brings to us.

Sharing Christ: We envision a church family that is enthusiastic about sharing the Good News with those that God is putting within their circle of influence. We see our people encouraged and equipped to share their testimonies wherever God places them –at work, over coffee, at home around the dinner table, at the park while their kids are playing… We see thousands of people coming to faith in Jesus from Eagle Rock and surrounding communities, and we see new believers being baptized as a testimony to lives changed by God’s grace.

We envision a church family with leaders who have intimate, growing relationships with God, resulting in proven Christlike character that is “above reproach” and a clear sense of God’s calling on their lives.

We see leaders who enthusiastically support and communicate the core values, mission and vision of our church, so that everyone understands them. We see a leadership team that defines goals for the accomplishment of our mission and vision and regularly monitors the implementation of these goals.

We envision a church with leaders who motivate, equip, support, and mentor people for ministry who, in turn, are able to mentor others. We see a church in which leaders are consistently and intentionally developing new leaders, because everyone is seen as a potential leader.

A Commitment to FAMILY LIFE:
We envision a church where healthy, God-honoring families are grown and reproduced. We see couples developing deepening relationships with each other and the Lord. We see parents being encouraged and equipped to train their children to follow the Lord. We see countless children and teens beginning personal relationships with Jesus Christ, being baptized and building a foundation that leads to a lifetime of full devotion to Jesus. We see young people eager to go to church with their parents and enthusiastically inviting their friends to come with them. We see more and more families of all kinds experiencing the joy of the Lord at ERBC.

We envision a church that reflects and celebrates the cultural and generational diversity we see in our community. We see people of all ages and ethnicities worshipping, growing, serving, and leading in our church. We see, in our church family, an appreciation for God’s creativity, which leads a diverse group of people to worship the same God in unity.

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